How Eddy Kenzo Lost Millions As A Result Of Ignorance


Eddy Kenzo Has been making headlines of late for all the bad reasons. He physically assaulted a journalist after provocation. A musician of his caliber shouldn’t be acting immaturely as he is. That is not the reason for this piece. Call it ignorance or plain carelessness but Eddy Kenzo has lost millions.

sitya loss eddy
Sitya Loss is one of the biggest songs to come out East Africa in 2014. The song earned him global recognition even getting shows abroad. So how did he lose money? Sitya Loss has two videos: one for ghetto kids dancing and there is the official video. The videos together have garnered over 10 million views on YouTube.
Its shocking to know than none of the videos was monetized. YouTube has an adverting partnership with publishers. One can earn through Google partnership or Adsense. Eddy Kenzo got zero from an estimated $16500 (Ugx 43807500) Is it ignorance from Ugandan Celebrities.


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