Top 6 Ugandan Celebrities With The Biggest Following On Facebook


Facebook is the biggest social media website in the world. It has been around for over a decade and Ugandan celebrities have been using it to interact with their fans. UgandaExposed takes a look and the top 10 ten Ugandan celebrities with the biggest following on Facebook.

6. Maurice Kirya

142, 982 Likes

A prophet is never appreciated at home. Maurice Kirya is nowadays known more for his restaurant than his music. I have to admit , the lad can sing. He has a big following on Facebook from outside Uganda.

maurice kirya

5. Chameleone


Vocal and versatile, Chameleone is one the biggest music acts to come out of Uganda. He has managed to remain relevant even with the competition coming from budding musicians. Chameleone is active on social media and will not hesitate to air his opinion on Facebook when need arises.


4. Juliana Kanyamozi

199, 199 Likes

It has been a rough year for the sexy singer after losing her son to leukemia. The Former project fame judge is always active on Facebook. She has a big following from Kenya as a result of being a judge at Tusker Project Fame.

Juliana Kanyamozi

3. Bebe Cool

257, 719 Likes

Big size is always updating on Facebook. If not beefing with Sudanese then he is updating about his upcoming shows. Having an active Facebook page is essential if an artist is to remain relevant In Uganda and Bebe cool knows how to do that exactly.

bebe cool

2. Angela Katatumba

351, 449 Likes

angela katatumba


She is humble despite coming from a rich family. She has been in the music industry as long as I can remember. Just a few years back, she had the biggest following on Facebook. Things haven’t changed as her fan page continues to grow by the day.

1. Kansiime Anne

448, 462 Likes

Kansime Anne

Hail the Queen. She is the celebrity with the biggest following on Facebook in Uganda. She is funny and a first rising star. She has a show on the new m-net maisha magic channel 161. Her Facebook page has grown as a result of the love she receives from Kenyans.




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