Drama As Prostitute Undresses For MUBS Student Who Failed To Pay For Her Services,See Shocking Photos!


It all happened in Bahesi hostel in Nakawa when thirsty male student decided to bring a flesh peddler back to his communal room.


The guy was heavily inebriated and only came to his senses in the morning when the woman decided to ask for her payment.`She asked for the loos and the guy decided to use the opportunity to throw her out.

“The guy used this chance to throw out her handbag through the window, and locked himself inside his room….You know all the rooms in Bahesi hostel are the same.  So after the mu prostitute peed, she could not locate the dude’s room. After knocking over five doors without locating the guy, the mu prostitute started screaming, hurling profanities at the student (whose name she had no idea about). She undressed and ran around the whole hostel only to land on her hand bag that had been thrown out like some used piece of sh*t. Students gathered just to take a look at the naked prostitute and her bearded bean,” an insider revealed.



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