These are the 5 Trending Stories in Kampala Right Now


Rain and more rain, that is the current situation in Kampala right now but trust me this hasn’t deterred Ugandan’s from having a good time. Mary Luswata for example was spotted getting wasted at the beach and so were a couple of more guys. Kabina was also flying around everywhere; what exactly are these Ugandan girls eating?

Well; so much more:

1: The Weekend That Was: See What This Two Were Doing In Public

2:Completely Shocking: See What This MUK Girls Were Doing To Each Other In Bed

3:What Are Ugandan Ladies Eating Nowadays, See What This Woman With A Big Kabina Did In Kampala

4:Mary Luswata Completely Drunk And Wasted At The Beach, See Photos

5: Dr Kizza Besigye Transfers Harriet Kisakye To IHK For Better Treatment, Peng Peng



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