These Is The Hilarious Love Letter To Beyonce Knowles Written By A Ugandan That Is Causing A Stir Online



Dear Biiyo,

Am staying in Uganda exactly in Buganda in a place called Kampala district.I am in makindye  zone 4B and am the L.C. I have studied so heard and so farI have a diploma. I want to be with you and I will study so heard until Iget a certificate and a degree.


I am applying this letter to show you my true feelings of ever since youstill sung for the destiny’s child. I even have all of the albums from whenyou where starting to sing upto now when you are singing that new song whereyou say that if you were a boy. I have even the remix. I will send it to youso that you can download it. I have seen all the news where you have beenput like on DSTV and GTV. Even when the Manchester United and Arsenal isplaying I get out of the march to go and just be listening to your albumsand see you on the TV.

Your the fast and last thing I think about. I will love you until when alake called victoria and it is in a place called Jinja district I will loveyou until that lake become driy. I will be with you until Jesus comes dawnto the earth. I want to ploduce a child with you and I will call him alsoBeyonce. But I dont like that man called jay zed to be with you.


Please love me and I be calling capital radio so that they can be prayingyoure song everytime. I want to make love in this club. Am on MTN and if yougive me youre number I can be calling from everywhere you go. I have addedyou on facebook so that you can be my frend. I have also send you a CV fromwhen I was in nursery. I love you Biiyo. I have even chased the wife becauseof for you. Please reply back this letter and you be my African quin. Youcan use the post office the one of jinja road.



Breethless by Shiny Word.

Titanic by Selindion.

Nakudata by Weazo and Radio.

Yours sinsirelly,<p> </p> YEKOBOWAMU. UGANDA


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