Donald Trump: Museveni belongs in Prison, not State House, Ugandans are cowards


op US republican presidential hopeful DonaldTrump has said that Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni belongs in prison and not State House.

Speaking in South Carolina while vying for the hearts and minds of South Carolina voters, he blamed the of Ugandans for not standing out to fight for their democratic rights.

Trump also termed the recently concluded Ugandan election a monumental mess and a joke of the year. The GOB hopeful reiterated his recent words that should he ascend to the throne, he’ll arrest Uganda’s despot Museveni and his grandfather President Robert Mugabe and lock them in prison.

“Sometimes I think Kenyans are ‘a little braver because when their vote was stolen, they stood tall and gave their lives for the sake of their country. Ugandan people are cowards. They are easily dispersed by a single teargas canister and their votes are stolen. Museveni belongs to prison and not State House” Said Trump.

I watched them run around like sheep when they see the police. The only true Ugandan patriot is the opposition leader Dr. ‘Kazza Basija’ – as he struggled to announce it. There was no election in Uganda and Museveni knows that”



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