Abryanz Has Bleached His Skin, Sheila Gashumba Reveals In Leaked Whatsapp Conversation


NTV presenter Sheila Gashumba has been exposed as gossip lover and one of the worst trolls in the Ugandan blogosphere.

Judith Heard has a whatsapp group where they discuss other people. One of the victims is fashion stylist Ahumumza Brian (Abryanz). Sheila Gashumba casualy says that Abaryanz has bleached his skin.

The whatsapp conversations were leaked by blogger Ashburg Kato. Here is what he had to say on the matter:


Judith Heard opened up a whatsapp group and all the above people are members naye maama…. Okugeya, okuvuma, hypocrisy, enkwe, obutaagaliza byebijjudde mu group eno.

Let me start with my young sister Gashumba.. Swt hrt u r just 20yrs but check the group u r associating with, they are all veterans, single mothers, vendors, drug addicts and homoz. Slowly but sure they are turning u into the same rout. Mpozi u said Lisa Mande is a vendor?? Kakati gwe atali kitunzi abetunda wabalabirawa? Oba yeggwe abagula?

Now let me turn to Atafo. We all know Atafo is a woman with hard ballz, eh sorry.. a man with a loose an*s but stop being a hypocrite. U pretend not to have beef with Olga but check out these screenshots. U attended Olga’s makeup pretending to be her friend kumbe u only went there to mock her work. U always talk bad about Patricia Ssewungu yet she financially helps u.. Abantu muli bazibu and that’s the reason why Pat poured alcohol on u

Now it’s time for my granny Ochola.. Banange where on earth do u get the audacity to backbite someone mbu because she has not yet got a wedding? Yes u have a ring naye ffena tukimanyi nti obaza byabugagga bya pensioner wo. A ring from an ancestral is not worthy to brag about…. Hey Jjajja, keep praying but Nickita is happily settled with her age-mate.

Finally Judith Heard… I pretend to be Chameleon’s friend but see how u attach Daniella and her kids. Mukazi gwe olabika tolina mutima muzadde.. I now believe Ray Supasta’s allegations that u f*ck Jose that’s why u envy Atim…… Next time Pliz spare Chameleon’s kids and deal with their mum if u r jealousy.

Last… Why do u attack Abraynz (Ahumuza Brian) yet he has been siding with u all the time? He promotes and attends every party u organize naye kimalamu amanyi okulaba nga naye temumutaliza….. Wabula mugeya nze mbatidde.


And here are the screenshots:







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