Pallaso Spills The Beans On Jailbird Jeff Kiwa Who Tried To Recruit Him To Illuminati


Jeff Kiwanuka was arrested and remanded at Luzira Maximum Security Prison after he was implicated in ritual killing of a 16 year boy from Busia.

Jeff who is the founder and CEO of Team No Sleep which is an artists’ management label, had been implicated in several bizarre incidents that were deemed to be cultish.

The jailbird used to be Radio and Weasel’s manager before they sacked him. Jeff also managed Pallaso who also ditched his label.

Pallaso has since come forth to reveal that pushed him to quit Team No Sleep. While initially, word had it that Pallaso quit because Jeff used to con him, the real reason Pallaso ditched Jeff was because he was trying to recruit him to Illuminati.

“There are many things that forced me to leave Team No Sleep like Jeff stealing my money, but the immediate and main thing was that every musician that is signed by Jeff Kiwa had to do some rituals which were not religious and since I was a staunch Christian who can’t do such things, Jeff Kiwa forced me out of the group.” Pallaso disclosed in a video message that he posted on his YouTube channel.



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