Stella Nyanzi Teaches Her 11-Year-Old Daughter How To Use Condoms


Stella Nyanzi has no reservations when it comes to matter sex, not even age barrier can restrain her from her adult talk and action.

The controversial Makerere University lecturer took many by surprise when she uploaded photos of herself teaching her 11-year-old daughter how to use condoms.

“I had the ‘condom talk’ with my eleven-year-old daughter. I explained the dangers of unprotected sex, without blinking. Feeling like a Ninja-Warrior, I pulled out a packet of black condoms. She asked about the colour. I told her I preferred condoms that look like the real thing. Luckily, she did not ask for details about the colours of things.

So I talked about the tip of the condom and how it is important to squeeze out the air before rolling it up the waiting specimen. We practiced squeezing gently in order not to tear the tip. She asked about how women with long varnished finger-nails squeeze out the air without tearing the condom. I referred her to her auntie with long varnished finger-nails. God bless their next meeting!

And then I talked about disposing of the condom after using it. I was careful not to leave out any age-appropriate detail of condom-use for my darling daughter.” Stella Nyanzi described her condom lesson with her daughter.

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