NTV Presenter Strips Anita Fabiola Over The Revealing Costume She Wore At 2016 BET Award Gala


Anita Fabiola raised eyebrows when she was spotted in a revealing costume while at the same time wearing a masquerade mask at 2016 BET award gala that was held in Los Angeles, USA on June 26th.

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Anita at BET awards 2016

NTV presenter, Sylvia Owori, has stripped Anita over her controversial costume. Speaking on her show ‘The Style TV, Sylvia said no one knew who Anita Fabiola was that’s why she covered her face with a masquerade mask at BET.

The fashionista sarcastically hailed Anita for choosing to hide her face with the mask saying she would have embarrassed herself if she didn’t.

“Who knows Anitah anywhere in the world apart from her friends here in Kampala. It is a good thing she wore that mask because no one would have ever known her. No one knows her anyway,” Sylvia threw burps at Anita.


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