Socialite Bad Black Confesses To Cheating As She Gets Back With The Man That Dumped Him Like A Hot Potato


The queen of controversies has swept Ugandans of their feet with an unexpected move that have left many wondering whether it was another publicity stunt.

Jailbird Shanitah Namuyimba aka Bad Black was dating Maysean Velos before the latter dumped her for being a serial cheater.


Maysean Velos and Bad Black

Well, who thought Maysean would drink his vomit? The two ex lovers have gotten back together. Bad Black took to the social media to break the news as she confessed to cheating on Maysean in their earlier relationship.

“After cheating, and disappointing you, you have forgiven me again. You’re so loving and understanding. We were made for each other and no one will ever come between us again.” She said, adding; “Please ladies, know I don’t fear prison. If you try my Maysean water will become acid.” Bad Black posted.


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