A Jealous Jose Chameleone Belittles Diamond As He Describes How He Has Nothing On Him


Jose Chameleone was once the king of East African showbiz but Diamond Platnumz popped and dethroned him.

Diamond is the most successful musician to ever come from East Africa. His success has been a bitter pill to swallow for the likes of Jose Chameleone who have been in the industry for years even before Diamond started singing.

Jose launched a surprise attack on Diamond saying he was only big on social media. (Diamond is the most followed artist in East Africa with 2.5 million followers on Instagram, 1.4 million followers on Facebook and 319k on Twitter.)

Chameleone says Diamond can’t stage a sold out show by himself unlike him who can fill stadiums in Tanzania.

“There is a difference between a TV musician and a Stage musician. Diamond is not so big as many of you think despite being famous on social media platforms like Instagram. When he came to Uganda, he was just in Club Guvnor. He can’t stage a sold out show by himself in Uganda unlike me who can fill stadiums in Tanzania (Diamond Platinumz’ country),” Wrote Chameleone.


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