4 Kenyan And Ugandan Artists That Have Accused Bebe Cool Of Stealing Their Songs (Photos)


Why Bebe Cool every time?? Bebe Cool has been accused of stealing songs one too many times by fellow artists.

Is it that he lacks creativity or he’s arrogant because he thinks his association with President Museveni grants him immunity against copyright infringement?

Below are some of the artists that have accused Bebe Cool of stealing their song:

  1. Sizza Man

Dancehall artist Andrew Kayemba popularly known as Sizza Man has accused Bebe Cool of stealing his song.

Sizza Man claims Bebe Cool modify his (Sizza Man’s) song ““Mudilibada” to drop his (Bebe Cool’s) song dubbed “Badilibada”.

“Hahaha some people have run out of lyrics. They have copied and pasted my mudiribada song.” Sizza Man threw jab at Bebe Cool when he dropped “Badilibada”.

  1. Navio


Bebe Cool has also been accused of copying Navio’s song. Navio’s fans took issues with Bebe Cool when he dropped “Kabulengane” last month.

Navio’s followers claimed Bebe Cool’s “Kabulengane” was similar to Navio’s “Njogereza”. They accused Bebe Cool of ripping off Navio’s creativity to come up with his song.

  1. Dusky


Sprouting Kenyan singer Dusky has also accused Bebe Cool of stealing his song. The Kenyan singer claims Bebe Cool’s instrumentation of his song “Joanita” is exactly the same as his song “Risasi” which he had produced earlier.

Dusky’s case against Bebe Cool was reported by a Kenyan site Ghafla.

  1. Gin Ideal


She’s the latest artist accusing Bebe Cool of stealing her song.  The Kenyan songbird accuses Bebe Cool of stealing her melody inclusive of the chorus to her hit Song “Rede”.

“It is very shameful that a veteran like Bebe Cool can choose to do such a thing without consulting me knowing too well that my song was doing well locally and in East Africa.” Gin Ideal told Kenyan site SDE.




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