The Nudity Curse That Has Befallen NTV Takes Its Toll On The New ‘Be My Date’ Host (Photos)


NTV has firing its female presenters who have been caught in ugly sex tapes that have maimed the station’s reputation.

Sex scandals at NTV started with the beautiful Anita Fabiola whose nude photos saw her fired from her show ‘Be My Date’.

Kleith Kyatuhaire who used to host a show dubbed ‘Style Projector’ was also fired from NTV after her raunchy photos leaked in December 2015.

‘Login’ presenter Anne Nakawombe aka Ann Nixons was fired from NTV a week ago after she was linked to a viral sex video and raunchy photos.

Just when many thought Nakawombe’s sex tape would mark the end to sex scandals at NTV, the presenter who replaced Anita Fabiola on ‘Be My Date’ has also been caught in an ugly sex scandal.

Bettinah Tianah has been exposed by Mark Kabugo as an online prostitute. Apparently the NTV presenter sells her nudes online.

Mark, a Ugandan living abroad, posted screenshots of his conversation with Bettinah which showed the TV girl sending him her nudes then asking Mark to send her money in return.


Bettinah Tianah

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