Leila Kayondo Reveals Shocking Details About The Impounded Posh BMW That SK Mbuga Bought Her


About a month ago, Interpol police seized a posh BMW belonging to Leila Kayondo claiming the car had been stolen from Europe.


Laila’s BMW impounded by the Interpol police

The BMW was a gift to Leila Kayondo from her then sweetheart SK Mbuga. It was widely known the tycoon was the one who was financing Leila’s expensive lifestyle.

In an interview with Chimp Lyf, Leila caught many by surprise revealing that SK Mbuga didn’t buy her the expensive BMW.


Laila and SK Mbuga

Laila revealed she is the one who buys every car she owns. She further disclosed Interpol police handed back her car.

“Although we were friends, he had never bought me a car, I hustle for my money and I buy every car of mine. Interpol had suspected my car was stolen from other countries and so it was taken for inspection. It was later handed back to me because it wasn’t stolen,” Leila told Chimp Lyf.

Asked whether she will be attending SK Mbuga’s wedding, Laila said she couldn’t wait for the wedding ceremony.

For starters, Laila and SK Mbuga’s relationship hit rock bottom when she refused to settle down with the tycoon.

SK Mbuga hooked up with Vivian Birungi who recently gave birth. Mbuga and Birungi will walk down the aisle on November 26th.

laila sk mbuga

SK Mbuga  and Vivian Birungi



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