So Sad! This Is What Sheebah Karungi Gave Terminal Cancer Patient Who Has Two Weeks To Die (Photos)


Alex Muhangi’s ‘Comedy Store’ was full of emotions last Thursday evening. Sheebah Karungi’s appearance attracted Alice Nankinga to Diners Lounge in Bukoto.

Alice Nankinga is a terminal cancer patient whose icon is Sheebah Karungi. She saw Sheebah performing at ‘Comedy Store’ and she decided to make her way to Diners Lounge to watch her live.

Alice was invited on stage and she disclosed her dying wish which made Sheebah shed tears.

“Sheebah I love you so much. I was home moments ago with my sister when I learnt that you are performing here at Diners tonight. I had to come because I have always craved to meet you,” Alice told Sheebah while she was on stage.

“I was diagnosed with cancer, and the doctor recently told me I have only two weeks to live. I came here tonight so I can meet you before I die. I really don’t need much from you apart from singing me ‘Nkwatako’. You could as well leave me with something that belongs to you. Your jacket,” Alice added.

Sheebah quickly took off her jacket and gave Alice. She sang her ‘Nkwatako’ as her face was full of sorrow.

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