Singers Aziz Azion’s family involved in a terrible road accident (photos)



Ugandan singer Aziz Azion’s family members were involved in a terrible accident which almost claimed the lives of his kids and brother.

Speaking to media via a phone interview, the ‘Nkumila Omukwano’ singer reveals that he was  at home sleeping when the accident occurred.

Aziz says that his brother was driving with the kids,when the unfortunate incident happened. They were five kids and two were Aziz Azion’s.

“I was home sleeping when the accident occurred. My brother was driving the car at the time of the accident and is the one who was hurt most. He has a lot of pain in the chest and the head. He is in hospital and we pray he gets well soon. My kids are okay as no harm came to them and I thank God for that,” he said over the telephone.

We wish them quick recovery.


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