Exposed:This is the reason why singer Irene Ntale bleached her self



Irene Ntale is opening cans full of worms,she is exposing all the bad things in Uganda’s entertainment industry and how artists are milked dry and left out to die.

One of Irene’s resolutions this year was to leave Swangz Avenue and break off from slavery.

“It is Swangz avenue that made her to bleach. They always made her feel inadequate. Her self-esteem had really gone to its lowest. It is funny but if Winnie Nwagi brought a song and Ntale brought hers, the producers would give Nwagi first priority again and again. The poor soul was being side-lined,” a close source has revealed to Bigeye.

“I have been in bondage. Swangz Avenue used me like a condom, they paid me peanuts. Yes they did great for me, but they milked out much more. I was that cow that they milked daily but fed less and less. I can’t be a chicken anymore. I have to fly like an eagle I am supposed to be.” says Irene Ntale.

Swangz says that Ntale is just ungrateful and very egoistic and it is better to get rid of one spoilt tomato before from the basket before they affect the good ones.


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