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Uganda is known for several things, some of them negative. In this post, we are going to focus on the richest Ugandan people and how they made their wealth. Most of them are immigrants, or children of immigrants, and not native Ugandans.

Sudhir Ruparella

He is the richest Ugandan, with a net worth estimated at $1.2 billion. Although his great-grandparents were Indian immigrants, Sudhir Ruparella was born in Uganda in Kabatoro, Kasese District. He left Uganda when he was 16 after Idi Amin expelled all Asians from the county, headed to the UK where he did various jobs. Sudhir came back to Uganda in 1985 with just $25,000 in savings, and with that built his empire, Ruparelia Group.

Among the companies owned by Ruparelia Group include Crane Bank, Goldstar Insurance and a string of hotels, country clubs, and forex bureaus. The most important venture, though, has been real estate, and the group is the largest private property owner in Uganda.

Karim Hijri


The title of second richest Ugandan falls to Karim Hijri, known from the Dembe Group of companies. The company has vast interests including the hotel industry through the Imperial group of hotels as well as manufacturing of yogurt and ice cream and real estate. Altogether, Hijri’s wealth is estimated to be about $750 million.

Alykhan Karmali

The family of Alykhan Karmali moved to Uganda around 1904 and established the Mukwano Group of companies. Although it is a family business, Alykhan is now the head of the company, and his net worth is about $700 million. Mukwano group is one of the leading conglomerates in Eastern and Central Africa producing various products ranging from cooking oil, fats, cosmetics, toilet soaps. They also have large tracts of land in Masindi District, making him the largest landlord.

Mohammed Hamid

Unlike the top 3 richest Ugandan people, Hamid migrated from Sudan in 1987. Today, he is estimated to be worth $400 million through Aya Group. The group of companies has invested in construction through Aya Investments, trucking through FIFI Transport and milling companies for bread and confectioneries.

Charles Mbire

Finally, the richest Ugandan of native descent, Charles Mbire is an influential businessman worth about $350 million. He has varied interests and owns shares in many large Ugandan companies that operate in the telecommunication, transport, pharmaceutical, real estate finance and several other industries. This prowess in investment may be why he is the chair of the Ugandan Securities Exchange.

Sikander Lalani

Through the Roofings Group, Lalani finds himself among the richest Ugandan people with a net worth of about $300 million. The main source of his income is from his steel manufacturing conglomerate, which he started in the 1990s. Before this, he was a distributor for Phillips electronics and Goodyear tires, from where he got connections for the steel manufacturing business.

Aaron Mukooza

Even among Ugandans, Mr. Aaron Mukooza remains a mystery with very little known about him. Nevertheless, he is still one of the richest Ugandan people with wealth totaling about $200 million. His investments are mostly in media companies, but he also has interests in the banking sector.

Gordon Wavamunno

He is among the richest people in Uganda to build their fortunes from scratch and is now worth $100 million. Starting back in his teens, Wavamunno always had a passion for business, which led him to pursue several businesses until he founded Spear Touring Company. Today, the company has become a conglomerate with interests mainly in motor vehicle distribution but also many other industries.

Mukesh Shukla

Through the Shumuk group of companies, he is valued at $100 million. The company was inherited from his father, which had been making aluminum cooking utensils since 1939. Now the group has expanded into other industries, while Shukla has also developed a taste for politics.

Patrick Bitature

Although many people think his wealth comes from Simba Telcom Ltd., he recently claimed he made the most of his $100 million fortune from real estate. Other interests in banking and hotels have also added a boost to his overall wealth.


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