How to find a great job in Uganda for recent graduates



How do you find a job in Uganda especially now when the unemployment rate is so high? All recent graduates quickly realize how difficult it can be to land a job, but I hope these tips will help you out.

Job search websites

This has now become the best way to find a job in Uganda, especially for recent graduates who are more computer savvy. Besides, the proliferation of mobile phones makes searching for jobs online even easier. Today, there are at least 5 websites that feature jobs in Uganda exclusively, all of them free to access. There are some that even list jobs found in neighboring East African countries, which you can apply to also.

Some of these websites partner with companies so that they have instant access to available jobs in Uganda. This can be an advantage over someone who is doing the same from a newspaper published the night before. Furthermore, the job application is done right on these websites, making the job application process a lot easier. You don’t even have to avail yourself physically to apply, therefore can apply to jobs in any part of the country.

Besides these dedicated job search websites, you can also do your own search on the internet. Based on your qualifications, you can search for companies where you would like to work. Most companies’ websites nowadays have a section for job openings where you can find opportunities and apply. Better yet, why not subscribe to google alerts for specific phrases that might suit your qualifications?


We are all aware of the advertisements in newspapers that announce job openings from various companies. Any recent graduate that hasn’t found a job yet should make sure to apply to these jobs whenever they qualify. It’s usually best to stick to leading newspapers like Bukedde and the Daily Monitor, but you can also find interesting opportunities in lesser publications. Just remember not to judge a book by its cover, as I have personally witnessed people landing jobs even from Red Pepper.

Hitting the tarmac

Despite all the various avenues for job searching available to today’s young graduates, there is always the good old, hitting the tarmac. Getting a job in Uganda, or anywhere else for that matter, will take some effort on your part beyond perusing newspapers and browsing the web. At some point, you will have to print your papers and start knocking on office doors. It may not be the most pleasant thing to do with your day, but employers may respect you more when you present yourself physically. Compared to someone who sent in their CV by email, a face-to-face encounter will earn you some extra points. However, remember to look decent in these encounters, otherwise, you will just be wasting your day.

Job conferences in Uganda and volunteering

Several job conferences are held every year where various industry leaders speak to recent graduates, giving them tips on finding a job in Uganda. Make sure you attend these conferences or meetings, as it is here that you interact with potential employers. In the meantime, keep yourself busy through a volunteer job instead of gambling your parents’ money. This will look good on your CV and perhaps even land favor for you during an interview.


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