Eddy Kenzo throws major shade at new don in town Bryan White


Bryan White is the new don in Kampala city. The socialite has been making headlines thanks to his show of flamboyance.

The flamboyant socialite first broke the eggshell when when he appeared on Spark TV and gave out money to different callers on the show.

Bryan White. Photo/Courtesy

He asked everyone to mention a business that they were considering and they would get the capital from him. The host Miles Rwamiti was given $1,500 on live television. This took everyone by surprise and confirmed that the new city don was indeed loaded.

White also caused a stir in Kampala when he made his way to Wankulukuku stadium and dished out cash to people. His motorcade was flanked by motorbike riders who escorted him to the stadium.

The socialite revealed on Spark TV that he makes his money from his deals in real estate. He explained that he renovates old houses and put them on sale. Bryan also said that his business was based in Italy.

Bryan White talks on phone while a journalist holds the phone for him. Photo/Courtesy

Bryan’s generosity has received mixed reactions. The socialite sparked uproar when he paid a journalist to hold a phone on his ear as he talked.

Top city socialite Meddie Sentongo blamed the media for giving Bryan publicity. Meddie says the media always praise people when they have money and laugh at them when they get broke.

“I know Bryan and I have heard about him. But the way he is splashing money here and there is my worry. You know media has always hyped people when money is available but they are the same people who will bring you down when you’re broke. It’s okay to have money and enjoy it but let him use it wisely. His time is coming when he will regret so many things,” Meddie said during an interview with Bukedde TV.

Music heavyweight Eddy Kenzo has also shared his opinion about Bryan White’s generosity and flamboyance. The singer says Bryan was only looking for attention by dishing out cash in the presence of media.

Eddy Kenzo. Photo/Instagram

“It would make a lot of sense if you give out money off camera. But making a name by splashing money after calling a few journalists is outrageous. He’s not doing it genuinely but rather showing off,” says Eddy Kenzo.





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