Zari celebrates in London as court throws out child support case against her husband


Zari Hassan’s husband Diamond Platnumz had been sued by his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto. The lass sued Diamond on October 5th demanding Ush 8 million monthly child upkeep from her baby daddy.

Zari and Mobetto have been throwing unpalatable words at each other ever since the latter decided to sue the former’s husband.

The two were embroiled in a cat fight on Wednesday November 8th before Dar es Salaam court ruled on the child support case.

Hamisa Mobetto. Photo/Instagram

“It’s the same way that he’s gonna take you out…Me Im gonna ask for child support from you…from who..Me Zari, I will walk away with all my dignity, They are your kids why does the b** have to fight for child support, he is your child go and support him…If you don’t support your kids, it’s fine, nigga move, let the next nigger take over,” Zari ranted on SnapChat.

Mobetto dragged Zari’s deceased ex husband Ivan Ssemwanga’s in her reply to Zari. She claims Zari failed to announce her ex husband death on time so that she could have enough time to loot his wealth.

“Some woman who had to claim her dead husband was still alive because she needed enough time to flex for what to use to bring her children up, is not ashamed to call another a b** and tell her to wait for the next man to take up the responsibility?” Hamisa Mobetto replied to Zari’s rant.

The cased against Diamond was heard on Thursday 9th but Kisutu Juvenile Court in Dar es Salaam delivered the ruling on Friday November 10th.

Diamond Platnumz. Photo/Instagram

The case was thrown out by magistrate Devotha Kisoka who gave her ruling after listening to submissions by both Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond’s lawyers.

Diamond through his lawyer had stated the Ush 8 million monthly child support demanded by Mobetto was too high he couldn’t afford to consistently rise the amount.

Mobetto had separately sued her baby daddy for defamation. The plaintiff’s lawyers Abdullah Zulu and Walter Godluck of Century Attorneys were seeking court order to compel Diamond to issue an official apology to their client.

The Dar es Salaam however failed to issue the order. Mobetto claimed that Diamond called her a loose woman for sleeping with him and even getting pregnant behind Zari’s back.

The court’s decision to throw out the case came as Diamond and his wife were in London. Zari couldn’t hide her joy after the court ruled in Diamond’s favor.

She mocked Hamisa Mobetto in one of her posts on Instagram. The mother of five sarcastically said that she could now enjoy herself since all the noise had subsided.

“Out here rising above the noise….. #StreetsOfLondon,” Zari captioned one of her photos on IG.

Zari Hassan. Photo/Instagram




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