SK Mbuga back on his feet after he nearly lost his life in a freak motorbike accident 


Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga popularly known as SK Mbuga has fully recovered from the motorbike crash that nearly took his life away.

The flamboyant businessman-cum-socialite was involved in the nasty motorbike accident on Sunday June 19th 2017 while he was enjoying his new ride.

The accident happened when SK Mbuga failed to negotiate a sharp corner a few yards from his home in Buziga, an upscale Kampala suburb. The businessman was taking his new BMW motorbike for a test ride at the time of the accident.

Mbuga was riding the German machine in high speed when he crashed. The billionaire sustained serious injuries from the accident.

He was rushed to hospital in a critical condition. Rumors quickly spread indicating that Mbuga had succumbed to his injuries.

Photos of the damaged BMW motorbike fueled the grapevine. The German machine was damaged beyond repair after Mbuga crashed it in the accident.

The wreckage of the BMW motorbike which Kampala businessman SK Mbuga was riding before the accident. Photo/Courtesy


SK Mbuga was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Nakasero hospital. Doctors managed to put him in a stable condition a few days after his admission to the hospital.

The flamboyant Kampala billionaire suffered multiple fractures on his bones and would not walk on his own for several weeks.

Many people thought he would never walk again after the accident. It seemed like Mbuga’s wouldn’t be able to flaunt his expensive possessions again.

The billionaire owns a fleet of expensive European and American-made cars which he loves to show off on social media. SK Mbuga long fleet of cars include Hammers, a fancy Jeep Cherokee that he is seen driving most times, Range Rovers, Red Ferrari, Rolls Royce to mention but a few.

SK Mbuga walks past some of his vehicles parked at his home. Photo/Instagram

Mbuga however recovered and went back to his flamboyance. He was walking with crutches but currently he’s able walk on his own.

The socialite was recently seen practicing martial skills to the jubilation of many people. In a viral video posted on social media, SK Mbuga is seen making routine movement on his toes in a sparring session.

SK Mbuga doing physical exercises. Photo/Instagram.





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