Museveni dances the night away with a beautiful white babe at State House dinner in Nairobi (Video)


President Yoweri Museveni left Kampala for Nairobi early Tuesday morning November 28th. The president flew to Kenya to attend the swearing-in ceremony of Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kenyatta was finally sworn in for a second term following Supreme Court ruling that upheld his win in the shambolic election.

Uhuru won the repeat presidential election with 98% of votes cast after his main challenger Raila Odinga pulled out of the race.

Uhuru’s win is shrouded in controversy since only 30% of registered voters in Kenya turned out to vote in October 26th repeat election while the remaining 70% boycotted the election.

The Kenyan government has been soliciting for congratulations from foreign countries after the Supreme Court upheld Uhuru’s win.

The legitimacy of president Uhuru’s presidency is still debatable as Raila Odinga has vowed to swear himself as president on December 12th.

The Kenyan government has ruthlessly clamped down on Raila’s supporters who held demonstrations across the country to oppose Uhuru’s regime.

On Tuesday Kenyan police clashed with supporters of Raila in Nairobi as Uhuru Kenyatta was being sworn in at a ceremony held at Kasarani stadium.

President Museveni was among 8 African president who attended Uhuru’s inauguration. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in Nairobi but he steered clear of Uhuru’s inauguration at Kasarani stadium.

The Israeli PM only joined Uhuru and other head of states and governments at a state luncheon at State House Nairobi.

President Museveni was also present at the state luncheon in Nairobi, he stuck around for a state dinner at night where he showcased his dancing skills.

Uhuru treated his guests at State House to a night of flamboyance and dance. The Kenyan president spoiled his Ugandan counterpart with dances from Caucasian ladies.

A viral video doing rounds on social media shows Museveni and Uhuru shaking legs with beautiful white ladies at  State House Nairobi.

The two presidents showcased their dancing skills while dancing with the Caucasian babes. Museveni is however a slow dancer unlike his Kenyan counterpart who seemed lost in the music pulling swaggerific dance moves.

Watch the video below to see how the two presidents danced with the white ladies:






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