Irene Ntale pulls down offensive video following public outcry 


Sultry singer Irene Ntale rubbed netizens the wrong way with her offensive video. The songstress posted the video without factoring in ethic guidelines.

Irene took to Instagram to share video of children erotically twerking to her song ‘Stamina Daddy’. A girl who is barely eight years old was seen twerking while kneeling on the floor in the video Irene Ntale shared on her Instagram handle.

“Stamina baby” Irene Ntale captioned the offensive video she shared online.

Her caption was interpreted as an encouragement to the young kid who was aggressively twerking on the video which she shared.

Irene was either ignorant of ethical guidelines about posting children on social networking sites or she just chose to ignore the moral guidelines.

The rules are clear, one cannot post photos of children on social media which portray them in sexual manner. In some countries this is categorized as child pornography and is a very serious offense.

Irene was also lucky because no one flagged her offensive video, Instagram could have easily deactivated her account altogether.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are very strict when it comes to issues concerning children.

Social media guidelines stipulate that children are supposed to be protected, even when posting about minors being involved in say crime their faces must be blurred.

Irene Ntale is obviously  not aware of these ethical guidelines governing social networking sites. The sultry singer was ruthlessly trolled for portraying children in sexual manner.

Netizens were quick to remind her she was committing a crime for sharing video of children twerking on her Instagram handle.

Some Internet trolls however blasted Irene Ntale whom they referred to as a bimbo. Trolls accused Irene of lacking manners for the video she posted on IG.

The singer finally bowed to pressure and she pulled down the video. Irene however didn’t apologize for her insensitive action.

Over 100 people had posted comments on her video, most of the people who commented were just bashing her for posting the offensive video.

The screenshots below show some of the comments that were posted on Irene Ntale’s video before she decided to pull it down altogether:



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