This is the ‘controversial’ song that made Museveni throw singer David Mugema and producer Jonah Muwanguzi to jail


Uganda government is slowly becoming intolerant to musicians and the media. Red Pepper was closed for what the government termed as portraying president Museveni his brother Gen Salim Saleh and Security Minister Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde as if they are planning to overthrow Rwandan president.

Now a music producer and a singer have been thrown in jail over a song which the state claims is disturbing the president’s peace.

David Mugema, 31, and his producer Jonah Muwanguzi, 23, were arrested and locked up in prison for dropping a song dubbed ‘Wumula’.

The two were arraigned before Grade One Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu on Tuesday December 5th. The prosecution say that David Mugema and Jonah Muwanguzi repeatedly composed, recorded, produced and distributed a song in which they attacked and disturbed the peace of President Museveni.

David Mugema and his producer Jonah Muwanguzi when they were presented in court. Photo/courtesy

David Mugema and his producer Jonah Muwanguzi when they were presented in court. Photo/courtesy

The producer was separately charged with promoting offensive communication by aiding David in producing the ‘offensive’ song.

The prosecution claims the two suspects committed the offense between 2015 and 2017 at Salama Road in Makindye, Kampala.

David and Jonah’s lawyer Abdullah Kiwanuka applied for bail but the magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu said she would handle the application on Wednesday.

The Grade One Magistrate cited the absence of a prosecutor from the Uganda Communications Commission for the postponement.

“Hearing this bail application without a prosecutor may occasion injustice since they will not be heard to tell us the state of the inquiries in the case,” Gladys Kamasanyu explained her ruling.

The duo was remanded to Luzira prison until the determination of the bail application. Listen to the song that disturbs president Museveni’s peace below:

Meanwhile David Mugema and his producer Jonah Muwanguzi are not the first artists to be at the receiving end of president Museveni’s wrath.

A few weeks Bobi Wine wrote an open letter to Ugandan musician urging them to unite against government attack on artists.

Bobi Wine wrote the letter after police raided his concert and stopped it midway and later on bundled him out of his hotel room and ordered him to drive to Kampala.

Bobi Wine warned that Museveni’s government would continue to violet freedom of expression as long as musicians remained mum when one of them was being attacked by the government.



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