“They were after Ivan’s skull” Relative dismisses claims vandals were only after money buried in Ivan Ssemwanga’s grave


Ivan Ssemwanga was buried on May 30th in his rural home in Nakalilo village, Kayunga District. The fallen Rich Gang leader was buried with money in his grave.

Ivan passed on while he was receiving treatment at Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa on May 25th 2017. The Rich Gang founder suffered massive organ failure resulting to his death.

Members of Rich Gang threw unknown amount of cash in Ivan’s grave before his coffin was lowered in. Ivan was also buried in an expensive coffin bought in South Africa.

Ivan’s family feared thieves could exhume the grave to steal the expensive coffin bought in South Africa and the money which was thrown in the grave.

Ivan Ssemwanga's grave littered with money before his coffin was lowered. Photo/Courtesy

Ivan Ssemwanga’s grave littered with money before his coffin was lowered. Photo/Courtesy

The family employed guards to keep watch over Ivan’s grave. The guards however abandoned duty after Ivan’s family failed to pay them.

Ivan’s family was supposed to pay the guards Ush 1 million per month as agreed in their contract. Ivan’s family however only paid them Ush 600,000 for the first month and failed to pay them anything in subsequent months.

On Tuesday night December 5th thieves capitalized on the guards’ absence to dig up Ivan’s grave. The vandals were however scared away by dogs before they could complete their job. They took off as the dogs barked in their direction.

“I got shocked when I saw the hole and when I went nearer, I realized that a big hole had been dug up to the concrete of the grave,” a relative only identified as Wamala said.

The hole left on Ivan's grave after vandals were prematurely stopped from digging up Ivan's grave.

The hole left on Ivan’s grave after vandals were prematurely stopped from digging up Ivan’s grave. Photo/Courtesy

Ivan’s relative says he believes the thieves were not only after the money in the grave and the expensive coffin. According to Ivan’s relative, witch-doctors in Kayunga area have allegedly been asking their clients to get Ivan Ssemwanga’s skull if they want to get rich.

“I think they wanted to steal the money that was thrown in the grave and his skull. We have been hearing rumours that witch doctors were in need of Ssemwanga’s skull which they want to use to give wealth to their clients in order for them to be rich like Ssemwanga,” Wamala told The New Vision.





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