“The regime is in panic mode” Bobi Wine steps out to defend singer arrested for disturbing Museveni’s peace


Bobi Wine is the only musician in Uganda who has strongly condemned the arrest and detention of singer David Mugema and music producer Jonah Muwanguzi.

The two artists were arrested a few days ago over a song which the state claims is disturbing the president Yoweri Museveni’s peace.

The prosecution say that David Mugema and Jonah Muwanguzi repeatedly composed, recorded, produced and distributed a song in which they attacked and disturbed the peace of President Museveni.

Singer David Mugema and music producer Jonah Muwanguzi in court. Photo/Courtesy

Singer David Mugema and music producer Jonah Muwanguzi in court. Photo/Courtesy

Bobi Wine has since stepped out to defend Jonah Muwanguzi and David Mugema. The singer reiterates that Ugandan artists need to be united and stand up against government crack down on freedom of speech.

“I recently posted about the continued repression of the freedoms of speech and expression in this country. The regime has opened war on everyone who criticizes its excesses. Its focus is now on the artistes. Friends, this is real. The regime is in panic mode. They are doing everything possible to coerce us into joining their regime of corruption and national shame or silencing us completely,” wrote Bobi Wine in part,

Bobi Wine further warns that no one is immune to government’s strafes. He states that Ugandan artists can either unite against government violation of the freedom of speech and expression or remain under the yoke of oppression.

Bobi Wine during a public rally. Photo/Instagram

Bobi Wine during a public rally. Photo/Instagram

“According to them you either sing praises for them or not sing at all. The moment you sing about the future of your country you become their target. We cannot allow this to happen! If there is a time for us to stand up for our rights, IT IS NOW!

“No artiste is safe. If we do not yell, no body will hear us. We must stand as one and defend our constitutional rights and freedoms or else this might spell the end of the music industry and of our freedom of conscience!

“We stand with you comrades #ProducerJonahMuwanguzi and #DavidMugema.
Music is not a crime, it is an expression of life and a reflection of the broader masses.



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