Songwriter Saxess Busulwa passes on in hospital after undergoing surgery


Popular songwriter Saxess Busulwa has passed on while recuperating in hospital. The Ugandan ‘Lyrical Mathematics’ died at Rubaga hospital after undergoing abdominal surgery.

Saxess’ condition worsened after the surgery as he failed to recover. Doctors’ attempts to stabilize him were unsuccessful as the songwriter suddenly passed on.

Saxess started having complications mid this year, he underwent a successful surgery in July 2017. The songwriter was admitted at Rubaga Hospital in a critical condition before doctors operated on his legs.

According to sources close to the songwriter, his woes stem from an accident he was involved in about 10 years ago. The songwriter is said to have had a relapse from the operation he had a decade ago following the accident. In July he started having new physical complications from the previous surgery.

“I was fitted with a POP moulding on my left leg after metal implants crashing inside my hips, it feels very strange and heavy but it will make things better. Am walking on clutches for some few weeks then will get back to my feet after my left leg bones rebuilding,” Saxess said when he was discharged from hospital in July 2017 after successful surgery.

Saxess Busulwa at Rubaga Hospital in July after he successfully underwent a surgery. Photo/Courtesy

Saxess once again developed complications in December and was rushed to the same Rubaga Hospital. Unfortunately the songwriter passed on after undergoing another surgery.

Saxess was working on a new project in liaison with the police at the time of his death. The project dubbed ‘Neighborhood Watch’ was meant to sensitize the public on crime and their role in helping police curb crime.

Members of Uganda security force visited Saxess at Rubaga Hospital when he was admitted there in July after he underwent a successful surgery.

Members of Uganda security force poses a photo with Saxess when they visited him at Rubaga Hospital in July. Photo/Courtesy

Saxess is known for writing several hit songs including ‘Butterfly’ by Nameless from Kenya, ‘Gold-digger’ by Jackie Chandiru, ‘Fire tonight’ by Rema, ‘Eddiba’ by Juliana Kanyomozi, ‘Bwooba Sexy’ by Grace Nakimera, ‘Awo’ by Liela Kayondo among other songs.

Saxess also won several awards including Songwriter of the Year 2014 in HiPipo Music Awards (HMA).







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