Ugandan faithful kneel on the tarmac to receive controversial Malawian preacher Shepherd Bushiri who arrived on a private jet


Controversial Malawian preacher Prophet Shepherd Bushiri touched down at Entebbe International Airport on Wednesday December 12th.

The South African based Malawian preacher arrived on a private jet. Bushiri caused mouths to wag right from the moment he descended from his plane.

Bushiri’s host Franklin Mondo led Ugandan faithful in receiving the Malawian preacher. Shockingly Mondo and his followers knelt on the airport’s tarmac as they welcomed the Malawian preacher.

Franklin Mondo greets Prophet Shepherd Bushiri while kneeling on the airport tarmac. Photo/Facebook

“My team and I arrived safely this morning at Entebbe Airport, Uganda. We shall be hosting a three-day Prophetic Crusade right in this nation.As you are well aware, we went straight to the airport after the Friday Midweek Service and, ideally, we are really tired.However, the moment we landed we were welcomed by thousands that defied sleep just to make us feel home and this strengthened our resolve to preach the gospel.Ugandans are always jovial people, warm and cordial, and I am looking forward to having a great time with them in sharing the word of God.I, hereby, call on Ugandans where ever you are, and I urge you not to miss this moment. We will be LIVE from Embassy of God Ministries church at Kileka Namugongo Rd, Kampala, Uganda from 18 00 hours EAT”, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri  wrote on Facebook upon arriving in Uganda.

Photos of Franklin Mondo and his followers kneeling before Prophet Shepherd Bushiri as if worshiping him sparked uproar on social media.

Faithful kneel while greeting Prophet Shepherd Bushiri when he arrived in Uganda. Photo/Facebook

In one photo Franklin Mondo and his senior leadership is seen addressing the controversial Malawian preacher while kneeling as he sat on the sofa.

Franklin Mondo and his senior leadership address Prophet Shepherd Bushiri while kneeling

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is a very controversial figure. The Malawian preacher has been caught in multiple scandals including performing fake miracles, extortion and having an affair with a member of his Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church.

In 2015 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri  raised eyebrows when he told his followers that he can (in spirit realm) take photo of a kid who was not at the church but at home.

Shepherd Bushiri took an ipad from one of the members of his church and then pretended as if he was capturing the kid in his so called spirit realm when in fact he double clicked on the photo gallery using his left thumb and then displayed the picture of the kid which was already on the ipad.

In 2016 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was caught in yet another scandal in which he was accused of secretly dating a South African woman – Lebo Nemasiwana.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri reportedly siphoned money from contributions for the building of the Church to buy his mistress a 6 million Rand/Ush 1.5 billion mansion in South Africa.

The controversial Malawian preacher recently sparked uproar over his planned dinner in Pretoria on December 23rd. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is charging Ush 6.7 million for VIP while ordinary seat goes for Ush 270k for the end year dinner gala.









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