Winnie Nwagi defends her stingy baby daddy days after she savagely embarrassed him online


Winnie Nwangi savagely embarrassed her baby daddy whom she referred to as a VERY mean person even to his own blood and flesh.

Winnie took to SnapChat to expose her baby daddy who according to her refused to spend handsomely on his daughter who had graduated from nursery school.

Winnie Nwagi’s daughter Mirembe Destiny Valerie

The curvaceous singer blasted her baby daddy for buying their daughter cake for her graduation.  She says her daughter’s father has money but can’t spent it on his own daughter.

“So after daughter’s graduation, guess what i founds home… from who? Destiny’s dad mbu nio nio “happy graduation day Destiny.. frm Dad.” am like!! Ohh what a fool. Is that that all u can provide for your daughter??! Cale??! Am talking of a very well paid UMI CHAIRMAN… who’s so selfish to his own blood…. Can’t even pay school fees or pay any bills as far as she’s concerned… how mean n then u come up with just cake?? I can buy my daughter cake too….

“Reason am so mad is that i woke up n everyone had already had their share of the cake… my daughter asked if she could bring my share but i couldn’t even force my appetite… I CAN’T EAT THIS CAKE … IT DISGUSTS ME…” wrote Winnie Nwangi in part.

Winnie Nwagi

The singer goes on to say warn her stingy baby daddy to stay away from her and her daughter. She also warns her fans from defending her daughter’s father.

“I’ve spent more than cake on my baby….. U need to bow down stupid thing… Toddamu tuweleza ga cake gooooo We r ok without u… LEAVE US ALONE!! I asked God from the very start to help me thru it all n he’s been so good to us am not complaining… JUST STAY AWAY WITH YOUR FAKE LOVE

“And no one should come to my inbox telling me mbu he still loves her… We don’t need his love here, we r not used to it n it’s very ok,” wrote Winnie Nwagi.

Surprisingly Winnie Nwagi is now defending her baby daddy in a new twist of events. The songbird denies claims that she physically fought with her daughter’s father. She asserts that they are still madly in love with each other.

“We didn’t fight as earlier reported. We only had an exchange of words and it was Okay! The snapshot post I made was just like any other post a human being can make. No offense. I won’t go into detail but what you should know, we are happy and I still love him. It is as simple as that,” Winnie Nwagi said during an interview with Matooke Republic.







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