Stella Nyanzi: Last year I lost many people


Popular academic Stella Nyanzi has opened up about the people she lost in 2017 as she reflects on the ups and downs of the past year.

Nyanzi lost many people after she was sent to prison. The controversial academic was arrested in April 2017 after she reffer president Yoweri Museveni as a pair of buttocks.

Nyanzi was briefly detained at Luzira maximum security prison for several days before she was set free. She explains that people deserted when she was thrown in prison.

Stella Nyanzi reveals how her friends distanced themselves from her in a lengthy post on Facebook. She says some of the departures deeply hurt her because she relied on his friends on so many things.

Stella Nyanzi appears in court in Kampala, Uganda, on April 10, facing charges of cyber harassment and offensive communication. Photo/Courtesy

“Last year, I lost many people. They never died. They moved out, moved on, moved away. They took off. They left me in the moment when I needed humans the most. I was still recovering from the illnesses I caught in the depths of the pit of prison, when these people departed out of my life. They stopped loving me as before.

“Some were ashamed of being associated with someone who had been to prison. Some scorned me for the accusations of mental illness leveled against me by the state prosecutors. Some believed my decisions and actions were wrong. Some wanted nothing to do with the poverty and legal woes in my life.

Stella Nyanzi in prison. Photo/Courtesy

“Some of their departures hurt deeply because these were people on whom I relied for this or the other. Some of the other departures were not immediately noticeable. It was only after I realised that they were no longer taking away from me and my resources, that it dawned on me they were no longer in my life.

“From the pain of being cut off, I have learnt that being alone is neither a curse nor a shame. I have learnt to allow people to go away, leave, depart, move on, and take off. I have learnt to embrace silent rejection, and even outright public declarations of dumping me.

“Although I am mostly a loner, I thrive on a few very close relationships with other humans. I will focus on deepening my few remaining close relationships this year. I wish all my Facebook friends and followers deeply fulfilling relationships with true friends and family,” wrote Stella Nyanzi on Facebook.



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