Photographer Muhammad Katende responds after his wife exposed him as a seasoned philanderer


Muhammad Katende’s wife Zamarad Twaha was the talk of the nation after she opened up about the things she went through in the two years that she has been married to her husband.

Muhammad and Zamarad got married in October 2015 in a colorful wedding. Zamarad revealed during an interview with Matoke Republic that her marriage was not a bed of roses.

Zamarad, who is lives in Dubai where she works for Emirates Airline as a hostess, says her husband cheated on her from the very first day of their marriage.

The Emirates Airline hostess says that Muhammad Katende only married her because he was only interested in enriching himself with her money.

Zamarad Twaha (left) with her colleague at work in Dubai. Photo/Facebook

Zamarad Twaha (left) with her colleague at work in Dubai. Photo/Facebook

“He was everything I had wished for in my life. However. I didn’t know the other bad side of him because he is too smart. On the eve of our wedding, I got information that he had cheated on me with a certain girl. I confronted him threatened to cancel the wedding but like any other man, he denied. I let it pass however got the whole truth later.

“I met him when he was still struggling. I worked so hard and helped him a lot financially and emotionally but all he has paid back is cheating on me with girls using my own money.

“Last year, I sent him money to buy a plot of land in Kitende but suprisingly, after buying it, he put it in his names and gave his mum the land title to keep. On top of that, he has confused many women with same one plot of land,” Zamarad narrated her ordeal.

Zamarad further adds that she has been trying to divorce her cheating husband in vain. She reveals that Muhammad has refused to sign divorce papers.

“I stayed because of my twins. Because I live in Dubai, I left Katende to all this nonsense with the hope of him changing but as time went on, I realized it is in his genes to cheat. I went to court and divorced him and when I brought him papers to sign he refused,” said Zamarad.

Muhammad responds

Muhammad Katende. Photo/Courtesy

Muhammad Katende. Photo/Courtesy

Mohammad has since responded to his wife’s allegations by denying everything she said. The popular photographer described Zamarad as a jealous and disgruntled wife who is hell bent on damaging his reputation.

“Ever since she started accusing me in public of cheating on her, I have been quiet because I am not the kind who exposes my family issues to everyone. But I can only say that she is jealous and disgruntled after our marriage failed to work out. She prides in exposing me simply because she wants to see me fail. Let her take our issues to elders in the family.

“She found me with my business already started. I was already making my money. As we speak now, she earns Shs4m and I have deals worth Shs700m per month. How could I have targeted her money?” Muhammad Katende ranted.




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