Jose Chameleone and Eddy Kenzo launch fresh attacks on Bebe Cool


Jose Chameleone and Eddy Kenzo have launched scathing attacks on Bebe Cool. The genesis of the new beef among the three music heavyweights is the controversial list Bebe Cool published at the beginning of the year.

The new 2018 beef has been escalating each passing days. Jose Chameleone is the latest veteran musician to be dragged into the beef.

Chameleone hit back at Bebe Cool for failing to include his name on his list. The Leone Island CEO claims that Bebe Cool is desperate to prove he’s the best by downplaying his music rivals.

Jose Chameleone. Photo/Instagram

Jose Chameleone. Photo/Instagram

Chameleone asserts that he will never justify his ability by downplaying other musicians. He says God gave him enough talent to justify he is the king.

“Never depend on other people to define your glory, Embrace what God gave you as an individual and celebrate his glory. There is always one looking up another and that’s the way it will always be.

“I will never justify my ability by downplaying others that’s for hyenas. Almighty gave me enough talent to justify that as a Lion!!!I am blessed so are you,” Jose Chameleone stated.

Meanwhile Eddy Kenzo claims Bebe Cool is jealous because he is living the life Bebe Cool wishes to live. Kenzo further asserted that he is ahead of Bebe Cool in every aspect of life.

BET Award winner also stated that Bebe Cool was dragging unnecessary politics into the industry. Kenzo says Bebe Cool has failed to act his age.

“I am ahead of Bebe Cool in every aspect of life. He is only older and for that I respect him. But he has again failed to act his age. He instead brings unnecessary politics in the industry. The fact is, I am living his dream life. But surprisingly he is showing Ugandans have achieved nothing.

Eddy Kenzo. Photo/Instagram

Eddy Kenzo. Photo/Instagram

“I am not hurt by his (Bebe Cool) list because it’s not the first time he is doing it. What hurts me most is that, Bebe Cool has proved to be one of those individuals fighting hard to musically drag Uganda backward. If we are to build our country, we have to be united,” Eddy Kenzo explained.

A tweet from Eddy Kenzo. He was attacking Bebe Cool






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