Singer Rachel K finally returns to Uganda after spending six years in America


Rachel K returned home with big plans she wants to implement soon. The songbird left Uganda for America in 2011 to pursue education.

For the unacquainted, Rachel K worked as a presenter for several radio stations including XFM and Hot 100 FM before she left Kampala for US.

Rachel K was recently interviewed at Sanyu FM where she opened about her stay in US and what she plans to do now that she is back in Uganda.

“It feels so good that I am back after all those years in the states. Every time I would be in the there, I would have that feeling that I needed to be back home.Here, I live my life. I knew one day I would fly back. I would even tell my elder brother ( Hemdee) that I missed Uganda. So I feel great I am back here,” Rachel K said in the interview on Sanyu FM.

Rachel K in studio at Sanyu FM. Photo/Instagram

She revealed that she doesn’t regret her decision to take a break in music and radio careers to pursue a degree in America.

“For the past years, I have been doing lots. I went back to school and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications. It wasn’t easy though but I had to make it. You know in life, you can have lots of things but education is the key. I have my degree and no one can take it away from me. Now I know I made the right decision to halt my Music career here six years back,” said Rachel K.

Rachel says she released her song ‘Every time I turn around’ the last time she briefly visited Uganda before she went back to US to study.

The songbird says she had to rush and do everything in the short time she visited because she didn’t want interfere with her educational program.

“The last time I was here, I went straight to the studio. I was signed to NO End Entertainment. I remember I released a hit ‘Every time I turn around’, I tried out TV presenting on WBS TV with JK Kazoora on Jam Agenda. I also went on the radio with Hot100 FM and XFM. I pretty had so much to do. I am just doing a flashback. With all that I had at hand, back on my mind, I knew I needed to get back to school and get my degree so I had to put all at hold and left to the US for my studies.”

Rachel K states that her immediate plan is to get back on top of the music charts. She has recorded songs in different studios in the city.

“I am already doing much. I have been to different studios recording songs. I am getting back to singing and on top of that, I want to start visiting schools and universities reaching out to young students and share with them how education is important. Those are the two projects I am starting on immediately.”


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