“Come get your money in Uganda that’s where I will be” Snoop Dogg announces decision to relocate to Uganda


Veteran American rapper Snoop Dogg has decided to relocate to Uganda following racists remarks made by US president Donald Trump.

The American president described the African continent as a ‘shithole’ during a meeting with US lawmakers on Thursday January 11th 2017.

Donald Trump wanted to know why America would accept immigrants from ‘shithole’ countries rather than places like Norway, whose prime minister he had met the day before and whose population is majority white.

The controversial US president made the racist remark when he was being presented with a proposal to restore protections for immigrants from African countries, Haiti and El Salvador.

Trump’s derogatory remarks sparked uproar across the world. Snoop Dogg is among many people who were totally offended by the American president.

The 46-year-old legendary rapper used to enjoy amicable relationship with Trump years ago before he announced his bid to vie for president.

Snoop Dogg and Donald Trump during good times. Photo/Courtesy

Trump even allowed the winning team of his Lexus Challenge On season six ‘The Apprentice’ to create a freestyle rap with Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg and Trump however fell out after Trump announced his candidacy for president and started acting like a typical white supremacist.

Trump and Snoop attacked each other on social media last year. In his video ‘Lavender’ Snoop goes all the way out pointing a gun on someone made up to look like Trump in full clown makeup. Trump responded by saying that Snoop was using him to rescue his dying career.

The recent racist remarks by Trump have however compelled Snoop to move out of America. The rapper announced that he will relocate to Uganda just after Donald Trump made racist remarks about African countries.

In the video, Snoop Dogg says he is tired of the shit in America. He was referring to Trump’s continued reckless actions that portray him as outright racist.

The veteran rapper recorded a video telling the people that he owes money to go to Uganda to collect their money. Snoops announces that he will only be found in Uganda because that’s where he is relocating to.

Below is the video of Snoop Dogg announcing his decision to move to Uganda:



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