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Although much of the African continent is still developing, there has been a surge of interest in the internet and all the many possibilities that it holds. The rise of more affordable smartphones has meant that increasing numbers of African people are able to access the worldwide web and enjoy the many pleasures that it has to offer. One of those many pleasures is online gambling, and Africans from many nations are discovering the excitement of wagering in online casinos and sportsbooks. In Uganda, there has been substantial economic growth over the last few decades, and this has led to the gambling industry taking quite a stronghold, especially in the capital where there are now five land-based casinos, and where sports betting is an especially popular way of trying to make some extra cash.

Uganda’s Licensed Gaming Industry

For some time now, Uganda’s gaming industry has been legalized and licensed, and while sports betting remains the most popular type of gambling, several bricks and mortar casinos have set up in Kampala. While there are a number of regulated betting sites online for Ugandan punters to choose from, most of Uganda’s licensed gambling sites are sportsbooks, with licensed Ugandan casinos being few and far between. However, since most offshore casino operators are happy to accept Ugandan players, finding a reputable casino is not difficult and the government issue no penalties for anyone who chooses to use one.

Which Casino Sites Are Best For Ugandan Punters?

There are many casino sites which are happy to accept players from Uganda. Some that open their doors to Ugandans include King Billy Casino, Tangiers Casino, and PlayFortuna Casino, and even many of the biggest name operators accept Ugandan punters. Giant operators like Bet365 and 888casino which, according to is one of the top providers of casino services online today, will gladly welcome Ugandan players to place wagers.

Playing In UGX

Ugandans who want to play for cash using their home currency should have no difficulties, even when using offshore casinos. While the Ugandan Shilling may not be a commonly accepted option at most online casinos, funds can easily be converted to EUR, USD, CAD, AUD or GBP. Players can choose to use popular international payment methods like e-Wallets and credit cards, and in some cases, they can even pay via their mobile phone bill.

Trends In African Online Gambling

The African continent has the fastest rate of internet penetration anywhere around the globe. Even in remote areas, the internet is now emerging, and low-cost smartphones are simplifying access even further. As online casino sites advertise very vigorously, it is no surprise that more African players are starting to recognize the benefits of online gambling and are starting to visit casino sites to experiment.

Mobile gambling is the mode of choice for Africans who choose to gamble online. Although at present the majority of bettors on the continent opt for sports betting rather than casino gambling, there are increasing numbers of punters who are looking to widen their net and try wagering on traditional casino games and slots from their handheld devices.

The main thing holding the online African gambling industry back has been lack of accessibility to banking methods, however as the Bitcoin boom is starting to lead to other forms of transaction becoming possible, this payment option is on the rise, forming a convenient and more accessible alternative to standard banking options.

Another trend that is starting to emerge among African gamblers is that once marginalized groups are gaining access to the online casino scene. Women, for example, are now able to play and place their own wagers since they can do so independently from their smartphones.

The Future Of Online Gambling In Africa

While there is little chance of online gambling in the form of casinos and sports betting being eradicated from Uganda any time soon, there may well be moves afoot to better regulate the industry. The president has suggested that he is supportive of efforts to tighten up the regulation of the gambling industry, however, as yet, no changes of this nature have been made. Even if further regulation was put in place, it is likely that this would only be to the benefit of the industry rather than to the detriment of it.

As things stand in Uganda, and indeed, across most of the rest of the continent, it appears that the same trends will hold true in the future when it comes to online gambling as have been seen elsewhere in the world. Mobile gambling is set to become even more prevalent as smartphone ownership increases and with the introduction of more mobile-centric payment options, increasing numbers of African gamblers are likely to be drawn to the excitement and lucrative potential that internet gaming has to offer over the next few years.


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