How to find best online betting websites in Uganda?

It is not a secret that Ugandan online betting has become a huge phenomenon in the last years and almost every country in the world has its own, usually huge, betting market. It is surprising though, that even poor countries have found their way to be a part of this ever-growing community.

One of the poorest countries in the world, Uganda, is no exception. Ugandan online betting sites are super popular and somehow, in a country where almost 40% of the citizens live in the worst possible conditions and survive on around 1 dollar per day, people are actually playing online games. It seems like in Uganda, betting websites are having the time of their lives.

Laws and regulations for online betting sites Uganda

In 2003, the Lottery and Gaming Bill has been created, which led further to establishing the National Lotteries and Gambling Regulatory Board. This institution is responsible for the legal licenses and controlling the Ugandan online betting sites.

Although the National Lotteries and Gambling Regulatory Board is a valid legal institution, it seems that the online gambling market in Uganda is not a dream place for many famous operators. Companies like Betfair, Pinnacle, and MarathonBet have not shown their interest.

Yet this is only a question of time before more betting operators will enter the prosperous Ugandan market.

Best online betting sites in Uganda

Although some of the most famous companies stay away from Ugandan market, there are a few world-famous operators listed as the best online betting sites in Uganda. Players can still enjoy playing on Bet365, BetMotion, NetBet, 10Bet, and many other sites. Let’s take a look at the list of online betting sites Uganda:

1. Bet365

One of the most famous operators that offer their services to Ugandan citizens is Bet365. The company headquarters are situated in the UK but it is actually more or less free for the foreign companies to operate in Uganda. Bet365 is one of the most strict online betting operators when it comes to the security standards. There are many bonuses available for Ugandans, both in sports betting and online casinos. If you want to check out Bet365 you will receive a 100% bonus up to 100 euro, no matter if you play a casino game, enjoy the slots games, or even bet on horse racing. You can also find a list of the biggest sports events in Uganda, so there is no worry that you will miss anything.

2. BetMotion

BetMotion is another top online betting site in Uganda. Ugandan players can expect 5 welcome bonuses if they register on the BetMotion website and want to start their online adventure. The company works together with some of the software developers, who provide them the best online games. If you are a casino fan, you can enjoy casino games created by Microgaming, Betsoft, and NextGen Gaming. One of the welcome bonuses goes up to 150$, for all the players who decide to open a real account and will use a special promotion code.

3. NetBet

Another famous operator that is on the list of Ugandan online betting sites is NetBet. Playing with NetBet is said to be very safe and secure, so you don’t need to worry that your money will suddenly disappear. The NetBet Casino is one of the best ranked online casinos in Uganda, being in the top 10 of almost 800 of them. This operator allows you to enjoy a wide selection of games that are provided by companies like Netent and Quickspin. If you prefer casino games, you can choose between many live games like blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat. For Ugandan players interested in bonuses, there is a 100% bonus available. Overall, NetBet is a great option for the other Uganda betting websites.

4. 10Bet

Another provider worth attention on the market of Uganda online betting sites is 10Bet. The company offers 7 welcome bonuses for Ugandan players, which is an impressive number. 10Bet is a UK provider that has been on a market for more than a decade and is available in almost 100 countries, including Uganda. It provides many different bonuses for Ugandan players and offers sports bets, casino games (also live games), slots games, and much more.

5. Unibet

This list of Uganda online betting best sites would not be complete without Unibet. One of the most famous online gambling providers is available in this African country and their welcome bonus offer is just amazing – players, who decide to open an account on Unibet, can choose between 8 different promotions. Isn’t it impressive? This Scandinavian operator can be found in more than 100 countries and offers safe and secure betting operations.

6. LS Bet

If you choose to register and play with the LS Bet operator, you will be welcomed with 6 available bonuses. The company has started in 2012 and in the beginning, was focused mostly on European markets, but over the years they expanded their territory and now they are one of the most popular online betting sites in Uganda. Except for the welcome bonuses for the new players, LS Bet offers a few more daily, weekly, and monthly promotions for everyone.

7. LeoVegas

Another position on our list of the online betting sites in Uganda is LeoVegas. This website is ranked as number 1 among all the online casinos in Uganda. The company is super safe and offers fair games for all the players. LeoVegas holds licenses from Denmark, Malta, and the UK and is fully regulated. If you like to have a lot of games to choose from, you couldn’t find a better place – LeoVegas offers you 400 slots games and 40 traditional table games, so no worries, you won’t be bored.

8. Betsson

Last but not least, number 8 goes to a Swedish provider Betsson. Although they don’t have a variety of welcome bonuses for new players, they offer 2 of them (for poker and bingo), to make your start with the online betting even more pleasant. Betsson is definitely a trustable sports betting operator and it is worth to give it a shot.

Is there more?

Of course! Uganda online betting sites market is actually huge and players can choose from plenty different websites. It is true that a few of the biggest fish do not offer their services in Uganda but that does not change the fact that online gambling is still a big deal in there.

If you are more a casino person then options available on sites like 10Bet, Betdaq, and Lucky Star will be very appealing to you. You can get 100 euro bonuses if you choose IwCasino, TitanBet or 7Bit, and even twice as much if you would rather go and register on the NetBet, CasinoCruise or African Palace. The list can go on and on.

How legal is gambling in Uganda?

The online betting market in Uganda is monitored by the National Lotteries and Gambling Regulatory Board. The market is not yet 100% regulated and there are providers operating without a legal license but it is not a major crime to have an account under their name. However, there are voices that this situation is going to change and Uganda goes for more strict regulation rules.

First steps towards more regulated market have actually already been taken. Earlier this year the National Lotteries and Gambling Regulatory Board announced that due to keeping the youngest generation of Ugandan safe and away from gambling problems, they had to take action. One of the changes was raising the taxes put on the winnings. The executive director of the NLGRB, Edgar Agaba, said that monitoring and controlling the gambling situation in the country was easier and better coordinated, before the era of online betting had come. He also admits that although people may not like the new regulation rules, that is the only way to successfully make a change, because “trying to stop gaming is a waste of time”.

Online gambling is legal in Uganda for everyone who is more than 18 years old, but the age restriction is not a wall that you cannot pass.

All about the money

Not all the online sportsbooks offer the Ugandan currency, which is a Ugandan shilling but that doesn’t seem to be a problem. What could actually be a problem, is the fact that not everyone in Uganda, who likes to bet online, has a bank account. To solve this issue, the African sport betting authorities offered mobile payments. With this method, the payments would go directly to the players’ phone bills and have an actual bank account would not be necessary.

Living in the online world

To be honest, although the online betting sites in Uganda are a hype, their interest in the land-based gaming shops is still very high. As we already mentioned before, it may be surprising, taking into account the poverty that most of the Ugandan citizens live in, but actually, most of the sport betting shops are situated in the cosmopolitan city, Kampala.

In the capital city of Uganda, you can actually find a lot of big casinos as well. It is interesting to see how the poor world mixes with the luxurious life within one country. The most famous places to visit is the Kampala Casino and the Pyramids Casino. They are both the main destination for the rich locals and foreigners who visit the city. The casinos offer traditional table games as well as the slot machines.

Little betting shops are more popular among the average Ugandan citizens. Games and betting options available in the local betting shops are more or less the same as the one found online, so people without the Internet connection can have the same gambling experience.

How to choose the best online betting sites in Uganda?

Online sports betting is one of the most popular activities for the people living in Uganda. How has this kind of entertainment found its way in one of the poorest countries in the world? It is hard to say, but definitely, it is not hard to find the best online betting sites in Uganda. All you need is the Internet access and a little research. There are plenty of helpful articles (such as this one), which can help you find the top online betting site in Uganda. The variety of options is big enough to keep everyone satisfied. Uganda online betting best sites are on every corner, available for everybody.

What will the future bring?

It is safe to say that online sports betting will not disappear from Ugandan market anytime soon. The only major change that may happen would be concerning the legal regulations but there is no need to worry – there will still be enough games to play and put bets on.

However, the government of Uganda should keep an eye for the gambling problem among the poorest citizens. Online betting seems like an easy way to gain some money but if you don’t play it safe, it can also cost you a lot. In December 2016, Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda, has mentioned it in his speech that this problem should definitely be taken care of.

Overall, with or without mentioned issues, the industry of online sports betting in Uganda is like a living organism, evolving and constantly growing.